Ayurvedic Oils Used for Massage and Several Other Treatments

The calm atmosphere, relaxing music, incense, and hot oil rubbed Deep into these sore and overworked muscles seem heavenly. It is no surprise that ayurvedic massage has become so popular around the world in recent decades. Ayurvedic products cover a broad assortment of applications, but maybe the most enjoyable of all are ayurvedic oils for massage. Although, just as it is enjoyable does not mean it is not beneficial to your health. To the contrary, as well as the numerous health benefits caused by the comprehensive relaxation of a deep massage, the technical ayurvedic oils that are used in the various types of massage treatments work in subtle and profound ways to the larger benefit of the individual. Ayurvedic medicine has coordinated massage treatments and their individual oils based on the purpose and signs of the remedies, each falling into the general category of the specific dosha that is responsible for the illness.

Ayurvedic Massage Oil

The most common cause of ailments which abhyangam is used to Cure is Vata imbalance, which manifests as stress, anxiety, nervousness, tenseness of muscles and dryness of the skin and bones. The comfort of a massage and moisturizing effects of oil are amazing for all these conditions. The top ayurvedic oil for treatment of Vata is sesame oil. It is warm, heavy, in addition to both lubricating and nourishing to the skin, bones, and nerves, and calming to the mind. It is the sole ayurvedic oil able to permeate all seven layers of skin to provide its nourishing presents to all organs and cells. Additionally, it is an excellent vehicle for tonic and rejuvenate herbs, especially ashwagandha, shtavari, and bala, all which are terrific tonics for Vata. Sesame oil works synergistically with the nutritive, softening, and moisturizing effects of the herbs, making their combination an excellent treatment for skin and deeper tissues.

Pitta imbalance can often express itself through anger, anxiety, Frustration and irritability, which also makes it an excellent candidate for massage therapy. Pitta is your dosha of flame and if aggravated it spreads its warmth throughout the body. Consequently, many remedies for pitta involve cooling energies, and the ideal oil for this is coconut oil, which has a very cooling. Coconut oil’s cooling, moisturizing, and nourishing effects calm the fiery pitta dosha and help to ease the thirst and burning sensations of several tissues of the body. However, treated ayurvedic oils for treating pitta usually use a mixture of sesame and sunflower, in which the penetrating properties of sesame are used and its warm energy is balanced by the cooling energy of sunflower oil and the corresponding herbs.

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